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Policies Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are applicable to any business dealings between you and Ragged Apparel, LLC, herein after referenced as Ragged Apparel, or Ragged Apparel Screen Printing and Embroidery.

PLEASE NOTE** Due to aspects out of our control like stock levels and shipping affect our industry at a whole and  our ability to produce at a normal schedule.  We are unable to guarantee an in-hands date, but are working diligently to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.  Available stock is also questionable and replacements from alternate brands may be necessary, which may cause a price change.  We appreciate the understanding of our customers at this time.

Approval of Invoice

All work orders require an invoice approval by the customer prior to Ragged Apparel initiating any work.  Upon approval of your invoice, you are agreeing and acknowledging all line items, are correct to your specifications without any needed corrections to include but not exclusively to: styles, coloring, sizing, quantities, pricing, etc. Should corrections be needed, please advise us prior to approving your invoice.  Approving an invoice and/or submission of down payment constitutes an agreement between "you" the purchaser and Ragged Apparel for the work listed on the invoice to be performed and you agree to make full payment upon completion of work performed.  Pricing listed on Quotes and/or Invoices are only valid for a period of one (1) week from the date the Quote and/or Invoice was created and submitted to the customer.  You understand and agree that listed prices are subject to change should you fail to approve the Quote and/or Invoice within that one (1) week period.

Artwork / Approval

As a courtesy to our customers, and to ensure the highest quality printing, Ragged Apparel charges a minimal artwork fee for our professional graphic design.  Graphic design/artwork prices begin at $35 per print location and can be increased depending on complexity/and or quantity of print locations, for the initial graphic design of print ready artwork, and includes one (1) minor revision/correction to the initial drawn artwork.  Any additional alterations past one (1) to the original drawn artwork will include an additional $10 artwork fee for each subsequent alteration/revision.  Any substantive or complete re-drawings to the original artwork will incur a new artwork fee at the prices listed above.  Customer supplied artwork should be a Vector File or at minimum 300 dpi Raster File sized at 12 inches by 12 inches.  Preferred file types are .ai, .psd, .tif. eps, or .pdf (with layers intact.)  If the customer supplied artwork is not considered “print ready,” Ragged Apparel will utilize the customer supplied artwork/ideas and recreate their artwork/ideas as closely as possible.  As we will be drawing the artwork to meet necessary standards for quality printing, we cannot guarantee an exact copy of the customer supplied artwork/ideas; however, will do our best to do so.  This is especially true regarding fonts or text facings, images supplied in low quality resolution or file types not listed above, or complicated graphics.  Please note, properly processed artwork required for screen printing is significantly different than typical computer drawn/generated graphics and therefore, not all graphics are amenable.  We will discuss any artwork issues with you should they arise.

All work orders require an artwork approval by the customer prior to beginning the printing process.  All artwork is to be approved via a digital mock-up.  Artwork must be checked for, but not limited to: spelling, color, placement of the art and accuracy of artwork by the customer. Please note, it is very important to look over every detail of the mockup; however, as it is a computer-generated image, the exact sizing/placement the image on the displayed garment will not necessarily be exact, and is to be used only as a general visual representation.  The customer assumes all responsibility for the accuracies of the approved artwork.  Ragged Apparel will not accept responsibility for corrections not implemented and/or requested once the customer approves the artwork.  Any delays in the approval process, or any modifications requested after customer approval will result in production delays and could require additional expenses. 

Ragged Apparel will NOT by any means reproduce or print any copyrighted or trademarked images of which we are not licensed to do so.  Ragged Apparel reserves the right to reject any work orders / requests for printing which we deem unacceptable due to artwork limitations. 

You Understand and Acknowledge that all artwork, film positives, proofs etc. is the sole property of Ragged Apparel.  Duplication in whole or part is prohibited pursuant to 18 USC 2319.  Any payments made by you for the creation of artwork is solely for time and expertise of Ragged Apparel staff, and NOT for the purchase of digital or other file types, intellectual rights etc. of the artwork.


Ragged Apparel requires a minimum order of 12 pieces, printed with the same artwork, for all garments/textiles.  Any addons / re-prints / additional orders subsequent to printing of the initial order are subject to the same minimum restrictions.  Any addons/additional orders requested PRIOR to printing of the initial order will delay the printing process and are subject to the assessment of shipping/freight charges for the added garments which will be added to the invoice. 

Breakless Pricing

The standard in the screen printing industry is to provide a price break to the per piece garment price when a specific quantity is met; ie: 50 garments, 100 garments, etc.  But we don’t feel this is fair to our customers.  If you need 40 garments, you shouldn't have to buy 50 in order to get a lower per piece price.  With our breakless pricing, every single shirt provides an incremental reduction in the per piece price!  This way, our customers always benefit from being able to buy what they need while benefiting from the lowest possible price.  That means no wasted money, no extra shirts lying around, and no regrets. Breakless Pricing means you can actually order exactly what you need.

Screen or Setup Fees

At Ragged Apparel, we do not add on any additional fees for pre-press production or screen setup.  We keep costs low as just one way we say, "We've got your back."

Payments Due

Ragged Apparel requires a 100% payment of the total invoice, or in the case of a public school or government entity, a pre-approved purchase order, upon approval of the invoice prior to any work being initiated.  No work will be initiated until the payment has been made or purchase order has been received.  You acknowledge and agree that once an order has been placed and the payment has been made, we begin working on your order, and incur costs related to your order; and therefore, is non-refundable. 


At Ragged Apparel, we offer complimentary shipping to our customers on most full production orders and online store orders over $45.  Manufacturer freight my apply.  Other exclusions may apply at the sole discretion of Ragged Apparel.  Booster / Fundraiser items are never eligible for free shipping.  

Out of Stock Items

Ragged Apparel is not responsible for items that are out of stock. While we check items we know to have potential stock issues, all garments are ordered after your order is placed, and we cannot guarantee their availability. If items are out of stock, we will provide you with an alternative comparable item. 

Garment Disclaimer

Ragged Apparel is not responsible for manufacturer defects of garments such as color inconsistencies, stitching errors, mislabeled garments, loose/inconsistent stitching, and/or garment defects (holes in garments, ripped seams, etc.).  We try our hardest to inspect the garments during the printing process, and should we observe a defect, will replace them at that time if possible; however, we cannot guarantee each garment.  We are not the manufacturers of these garments and therefore we cannot ensure their construction.  We highly recommend ordering extras of each size (just in case).  You acknowledge and agree that upon acceptance of your printed garments, you accept full responsibility for them.   It is your responsibility as the customer to check over garments as you receive them.

We allow an industry standard 48 hour window from the time you receive the goods to notify us of any issues.  Any garments that have been worn and or laundered are automatically void of any quality assurance claims.

Quality Assurance

We try to check every garment during the printing process, but there are times where some mistakes will make it out the door. It is your responsibility as the customer to check over garments as you receive them. We allow an industry standard 48 hour window from the time you receive the goods to notify us of any issues with the order.  Ragged Apparel will not be responsible for errors with your order if notified after 48 hours of receipt. While Ragged Apparel does quality checks on the garments, the final quality assurance check lies in the hands of you, our customer.  Any garments that have been worn and or laundered are automatically void of any quality assurance claims.

Returns / Refunds

You understand and acknowledge all orders are custom made and therefore cannot be returned or refunded. Ragged Apparel stands behind the quality of our products and therefore, will make all efforts to resolve any issues with your order in which we deem to be unacceptable.

You understand and acknowledge all uniform sales are FINAL.  Uniforms are custom made and production of uniforms begins when an order is placed and thereafter cannot be modified, cancelled, or returned. 

We assume no liability of any kind after an order is placed, including but not limited to:

  • Incorrect sizing
  • Player ineligibility
  • Injury
  • Closure of season etc.
We assume no liability for errors made by you, including but not limited to:
  • Sizing errors (i.e. customer provides in wrong sizes)
  • Customization errors (i.e. customer provides wrong name or number for customization, including spelling)
  • Customer dissatisfaction (i.e. customer does not like color or material)

You assume all liability for the accuracy of uniform purchases, including but not limited to sizing, spelling of players names, correct numbers and any other decoration added. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR ORDER IS CORRECT. 

Changes to Policies

Ragged Apparel maintains the right to make changes and/or alterations to the above policies at any time.

Additional terms and conditions may apply as noted in the following:

Artwork Policy
Face Mask Terms and Conditions
E-Commerce Terms of Service