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At Ragged Apparel, we provide our customers with an easy to use online interface designed specifically for booster club sales, team sales and school fundraisers. 

Does this sound familiar?

Ok, so I need a size medium uniform for Eric S., and a size large uniform for Eric L,... wait, does Eric S. need a medium or Eric L need a medium?? I think Eric L. needs the medium. Ok and Eric S. needs Sanchez on the back and number 40 and Eric L. needs Lozano on the back and number 44. Eric S' mom wants two medium shirts with just Sanchez on the back, a Large without anything on the back and 2 extra large shirts with Sanchez and number 44 on the back; and Eric L's mom needs 2 youth shirts with number 40, no wait Eric S is number 40, this is for Eric L... Ok 2 youth mediums with number 40. Wait did I do that wrong again?......    


Keeping track of orders can be a pain!  No longer do school staff, coaches and boosters have the hassle of having to try and keep track of orders.  Ragged Apparel will create a custom designed spirit website JUST FOR  YOU which will process your orders for you.  Your personalized e-commerce website will feature your own products and orders will be placed online and fulfilled by us.  You will no longer have the hassle of collecting paper order forms, collecting money and trying to figure out the order manually.  No more mistakes in sizes, no more misplaced order forms, no more headaches.  All you have to do is give out your spirit store website address, and leave the rest to us.

Our online booster, team and spirit stores make your group more money by providing an easy to use, and attractive platform for customers to place their orders.  We will provide you with marketing materials which can be shared through social media, handed out at events, or posted in high visible areas to bring attention to your group and drive up sales.  Our online platforms also allow you to sell your merchandise outside of your immediate area, expanding your marketing reach and profits.  Orders will be processed and shipped by us.  Contact us today and experience the difference we can provide for your group.

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